irrigationWelcome to Cooper City Utilities

Every day we’re proud to deliver 3.2 million gallons of high quality water at an affordable cost to 10,400 homes and businesses. On average, our customers use 245 gallons of water per day, but some use much more than that.

We get the water to serve our customers from the Biscayne Aquifer but we get permission to use that water from the South Florida Water Management District. All water suppliers and some water users get permits from the District to use the water resource.

Because there’s so much demand for water—and that demand is growing—the District is changing the way it reviews requests and allocates water. To meet future needs, lots of cities and counties are planning to develop alternative water supplies. Usually, the alternatives require a bigger investment—new technologies, more treatment or other techniques.

But more water, more technology is more money. Instead of investing in adding more water, which will increase water costs, we’re investing in you. If we’re real smart about conservation, we can avoid the far more expensive investment in more facilities, more technologies.

Sewer Backup? First Call Cooper City Utilities!

Sewer backups are relatively rare, but they can be an unfortunate, nasty, and expensive mess when they do happen. Please call the City’s Utilities Department at 954-434-5519 BEFORE you call a plumber! We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, and the visit is free. If your plumbing problem is on the City’s side, we will resolve it. If you call a plumber before you call us, the plumber will charge you regardless of where the problem is and we won’t be able to help you with that plumbing bill, even if the problem is on the City side, so PLEASE call us first.