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HOAs saved water!

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On February 1, Cooper City kicked off a family-friendly water conservation competition between two local Homeowner Association (HOA) teams––Reflections at Rock Creek and the Homes at Forest Lakes. The first step in our broad conservation plan, the HOA Competition was created to engage homeowner’s in our overall goal and “sustainability” mission.

The competition required participants to save as much water as possible in three months. The team members with the highest average savings at the end of the competition would each receive a brand new WaterOptimizer® smart irrigation system.

Both teams, complete with 12 families, were given water-saving devices and educational sessions to get started, and then were on their own. They took short showers, re-worked their irrigation plans, and washed their dishes by hand. Low-flow water-saving aerators and showerheads replaced their older, high-flow types and water-diverting devices were installed in their toilets. These efforts, along with a few secret techniques allowed these two teams to save a combined 176,000 gallons of water in just three months!

This great accomplishment, along with the announcement of the winning team––The Reflections at Rock Creek were announced on July 13. Commissioners noted how proud they are of the community and of these participants for showing everyone what’s possible with just a little bit of effort.

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