Cooper City Saves

Cooper City continues to invest in our water supply system. Our award-winning conservation program engaged our entire community. Homeowner Associations, students, families and water users from every corner of our community did their part to save.

Together, we reduced our overall demand by more than 10 percent. That was enough to ensure that we don’t have to ask for more water to meet our needs now or in the future.

But we didn’t stop there.

We invested in technology that allows us to read your meters via the “Cloud” and review the data to see if you have any unusual water use. Customers with unusual water use are notified via mail that they may have a leak. We know it costs money to hire a plumber, but if you’re spending $50 too much for your water, it might be worth the expense.

We leave that up to the customer. We just want to keep people informed.

Click here to see a flyer on how the program works.