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Cooper City residents care.  That’s why this portion of the site is just for you!  It contains up-to-date information to keep you in the loop about all the important happenings of Cooper City Utilities.  Read on to discover what’s new.

Sewer Manhole Maintenance and Sewer Smoke Testing Program

The City has started the final phase of its Sewer Inflow Remediation Program.  This program consists of manhole maintenance and sewer system smoke testing, and is needed to help keep unauthorized water from entering the sanitary sewer system.  Unauthorized water can cause an unnecessary load on the sewer pump stations as well as the treatment plant.  Below is a link to a map showing the areas where this work will be taking place.  Read more about sewer smoke testing by clicking __. This work should be completed by mid-April 2016.

As with all of our improvement projects, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep Cooper City “Someplace Special”.

Water Main Replacement Program

Phase 2 of the City’s water main replacement program is almost completed, and Phase 3 is about to start.  This program is needed to replace all of the old cement-composite water mains in the City, which have reached the end of their useful lives and are prone to breaking.  A broken water main is not just an inconvenience, but can result in boil water advisories for multiple days and emergency repair costs for everyone.  The link below takes you to a map shows the areas that are done, or almost done (in green, yellow, and dark blue), and the areas that are about to start (light blue).

The contractor (Killebrew, Inc.) has 18 months to complete Phase 3.  During this time, they will need some space to prepare their pipe and store equipment.  You will see these areas at (1) SW 52 Street & 92 Terrace; (2) along the east side of SW 106 Ave south of 53 Ave; (3) and an area in the south-east corner of Ted Ferone Park.  The link below leads you to a graphic showing the approximate area in the park that will be fenced off.  The contractor will create a temporary walking path around this area.

As with all of our improvement projects, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep Cooper City “Someplace Special”.


SW 106 Proposed Yard


Cooper City Featured in National AWWA Journal



CC – CCR Media Release 2014


We are upgrading our water mains!

Educate yourself on how to conserve water!

Cooper Colony, Cooper Estates and the Summertime Isles neighborhoods are next in line for an innovative new water main replacement project conducted by Killebrew Inc.  This project involves the replacement of 20 miles of old concrete water lines that have reached the end of their service lives.

The City will be using an innovative process called “pipe bursting” for the replacement. Pipe bursting is a better and less expensive alternative to the traditional “open trench” method of replacing underground pipes. The pipe bursting method works by threading new plastic pipe through the old concrete pipe while it is still in the ground. This method uses small pits every 300 feet in lieu of a 300-foot trench. This will also save trees from having to be removed as they would be using the open trench method.

A Town Hall video presentation of this project can be found in the Latest News page of Utilities section of the Cooper City website (

There is preparatory work going on in these areas in advance of the actual water main replacement (pipe bursting), so residents may see some limited construction work outside of this schedule.


Presentation for Town Hall Meeting

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Presentation to City Commission

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Conservation Pays in Cooper City

Educate yourself on how to conserve water!

Next week is National Environmental Education Week. But education isn’t just for kids! The Broward Water Partnership, which includes Cooper City and 17 other local governments and water utilities, is educating the whole community on the importance of water conservation.

There are many ways you can learn to save water during your daily routine without changing your routine. So next week, make it your goal to learn a new way to conserve water—because every drop counts!

Visit to take the pledge to save water. You can also check out other resident’s conservation stories for ideas. And if you have a story of your own, share it so we can help educate others!

When you save water, you save money AND the one and only Everglades. Every drop of water we leave in the environment helps ensure that the things that make South Florida so special, stay special.

In celebration of National Environmental Education Week, the Broward Water Partnership interviewed a group of students who want to teach you about water conservation!

Click here to watch the video.


News Releases

Here you will find news releases on all Cooper City Conservation program information.

Water Quality Reports

Water quality is important – for human health and consumption.  The utilities department works hard to ensure our water is the safest water possible.  We test the City’s water supply more than 40,000 times a year to ensure drinking water is safe for you.  Once the water quality testing is complete, our results are compared to state and federal water quality standards.  All of this information is compiled and revealed each year in an annual water quality report.